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Appoltshauser is a tax consultancy based in Rottach-Egern near Tegernsee. For over 20 years, Erwin Appoltshauser and his team have been consulting clients in their everyday struggles with taxes and finance.

In times of digitalization, personality becomes  rarer than ever. Going against the trend of mass consultancy, Appoltshauser tries to be empathetic and personal.


RedStreetMedia's Mission? Help Appoltshauser present themselves in a digital world. The new look online and offline has to be personal yet serious and traditional.

Our approach needed to be comprehensive and cohesive, impacting customer touchpoints from badge design to online experience and everything in between.


Clarify the brand’s positioning and the customers they serve. Create a website that informs about the company and consulting rather than attract new customers.


RedStreetMedia helped Appoltshauser focus their brand and marketing strategy. This led to a clearer image of the brand and a better positioning online and offline.

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